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Bike Safety

Bicycle safety is crucial.  As parents, we need to teach and enforce the proper safety lessons to ensure safe riding for all children.  Parents should teach their children basic traffic rules and make sure they ride in safe places.  Kids learn by watching their parents, and in turn they copy what they see.  We set good examples by practicing safety and following rules.

Here are some safety tips we can all learn

  • The first rule of riding scooters, skateboards, bikes, and roller blades is to “Wear a Helmet.”  Studies show that 74 – 85% of bicycle-related head injuries could be prevented with the proper use of a helmet. Lizzy's Bikes includes a helmet with every bicycle donated.

  • Dress your children in bright colors when riding.  Motorists can see light and bright-colored clothing easily.

  • Make sure young children never ride at dusk or at night.

  • Have your child tuck away shoelaces or other strings or cords.  Untied shoelaces dangle — they may get caught in the moving parts of a bike.  Loose or baggy clothing can also be dangerous, so make sure your child wears snug clothes.

  • When entering a sidewalk, path, or driveway, make sure your child stops completely and looks left, right, and left again.  Always knowing what is around ensures safety for both bicyclists and motorists.

  • Teach your child to ride in the same direction as traffic, using the extreme right side of the road.

  • Children should use proper hand signals when stopping and turning.

  • When riding with a group, children should ride single file.

  • Instruct your child to obey all traffic rules.

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