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Family Stories - These Bikes Under the Tree for Christmas!

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Community Services of Venango County received 29 kids' bikes from Lizzy’s Bikes.  Two families have shared their stories and thanks . . .

"The girls are 6, 4 and 3 and none of them has ever had a bike.  This is amazing, this is awesome.  I can’t wait to see their eyes and their faces when they come downstairs to see these bikes under the tree. I will finally be able to teach them to ride.  Things have been tough for us I have been in between jobs, working here and there and the kid's mom, my partner of 11 years cannot work due to her poor health. We are constantly struggling. I am so thankful you don’t know."

"I remember when I was younger getting my first bike when I was 7 years old and finally learning to ride it.  I really wanted my son to be able to learn to ride early but there was no way we could have afforded to give him a bike.   I am so glade (sic) that my son will learn while he is only 4.  Currently I do not have a job and things have been very tough. This bike will be a great help and it is highly appreciated."

It will be a Merry Christmas!


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